Moroccan jet skiers arrested in Algeria


Algeria’s defence ministry announced that the national coastguard arrested three Moroccan nationals on December 13, according to AFP. 

The trio, aboard jet skis, were arrested after entering Algerian territory illegally and were intercepted by the coastguard near Marsa Ben M’hidi beach, in northern Algeria and close to the border with Morocco. 

The defence ministry noted that the area was a hotbed for “intense activity by drug smuggling gangs, organized crime, and illegal immigration.” 

The beach was known for the controversial killing of two French-Moroccan jet skiers. Bilel Kassi and Abdelali Mechouar were gunned down by the coastguard as they “accidentally” entered Algeria’s territorial waters. 

Kissi’s brother (Mohammed) insisted that the group of four got lost and had run out of fuel. 

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“We knew we were in Algeria because a black Algerian dinghy came towards us and those on board fired at us. Thank God I wasn’t hit, but they killed my brother and my friend. They arrested my other friend. Five bullets hit my brother and my friend.”   

Algeria said security forces only fired after issuing a loud warning and ordering the group to stop treading in the territory. 

The killing was seen as painting a grim picture of Algeria’s poor relations with its North African neighbour as the issue of the disputed territory of the Western Sahara remains contentious. 



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