Algeria: two individuals arrested for “backing terrorist groups”


Two individuals have been arrested in Oran under the suspected acts of terrorism according to Asharq Al Awsat and agencies. 

After ongoing fear of terrorism spreading throughout western Algeria, on Wednesday the 17th of January, the People’s national army (PNA) apprehended two individuals on suspicions of “backing terrorist groups” revealed the Algerian Defense ministry.

Simultaneously, an extremists’ hideout was uncovered in Bouira, in the east of the capital by military patrol.

The ministry has extolled their efforts to “fight organised crime and the scourge of drug trafficking” in the country.

In relation, the ministry has emphasised the “professionalism, vigilance, and permanent availability” of the Armed forces across the national territory during these operations which were conduced between January 10th-16th 2024.

Asharq Al Awsat plus agencies


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