Mali junta accuses Algeria of “hostility” and “interference”


Mali accused Algeria of acting in a “hostile” manner as well as “interference” in the country’s affairs, according to Al Jazeera. 

It was announced on January 25 that the ruling junta revoked a 2015 peace accord with Tuareg separatists as well as calling on the deal’s mediator, Algeria, to step aside. 

Over recent months, relations between the two countries have cascaded due to fighting at the Mali-Algeria border between Northern Mali-seperatists and the Malian army, heavily backed by Russian-state funded private military company, Wagner. 

Regarding the North African country, Malian government spokesperson Abdoulaye Maiga said on state television, “We note with deep concern the increasing number of unfriendly acts, instances of hostility and interference in Mali’s internal affairs by the authorities of Algeria,” and added that the country “posed a threat” to national security. 

Al Jazeera 


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