African Union was not consulted about Italy’s energy plan

African Union Italy

African Union chair revealed that Italy did not consult the AU before proposing its cheap gas plan, according to AFP.

AU Chairman, Moussa Faki Mahamat shared that African countries would have preferred Italy to discuss the ‘Mattei Plan’ with them before launching the plan at the Italian Senate in Rome 29th January.

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Mahamat revealed that African Union member countries are willing to talk over aspect of the plan but stressed the “need to match actions with words…[Africa] cannot be satisfied with promises that are often not kept.”

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s ‘Mattei Plan’ aims to improve relations with Africa whilst minimising immigration and recognising Italy as Europe’s new energy hub.

The plan would also relieve EU reliance on Russia for energy and in turn would make Africa a primary exporter to the EU.

Italy has already pledged $5.95 billion through loans, grants, and funds to the plan.



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