Moroccans continue to protest en masse against Israel ties


Protesters continue to flood Rabat, demanding that Morocco cut the Trump encouraged ties with Israel, according to The New Arab and agencies.

AFP journalists estimated that over 10,000 Moroccans rallied outside parliament, parading banners and the Palestinian flag in protest of Morocco’s consistent ties with Israel on 11th February.

Thousands of Moroccans demanded through posters and signs that Israel “stop the massacre,” and that Morocco’s normalisation with the West Asian state is “treason”.

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The ties that affiliate Morocco and Israel, known as the Abraham Accords, were established in late 2020. The Accords detail the agreement of four Arab countries – the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan – to officially recognise Israel and combine efforts to benefit their mutual economic and security needs.

Morocco was persuaded by the US to sign the agreement as President Donald Trump promised that Washington would recognise Rabat as the rightful sovereign to the disputed West Saharan territory.

After the ICJ ruling, Morocco had the potential to cut normalisation ties with Israel. However, despite the condemnation of Israel’s “flagrant violations of the provisions of international law,” Rabat shows no intention of reviewing its stake in the Accords.

Abdelhakim Ziani, a medical student and participant in Sunday’s protest declared the need for Morocco to distance itself from Israel as the country “can’t continue [trading] from these genocidal people.”

Mr Ziani stated that “We see 24 hours a day bombardments, children killed…nothing stops it. The genocide continues.”

Since the Israel-Hamas war commenced on 7th October, nearly 30,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, have lost their lives. The rapidly inclining death toll has resulted in hundreds of protests across the globe.

On 19th January, Morocco tallied a record breaking 111 pro-Palestinian protests across 66 cities in one day.



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