Tunisia reports migrant deaths in Libyan waters

Tunisia reports migrant deaths, Libyan waters

Tunisia’s migrant death toll climbs higher after the country’s coast guard collects nine bodies near Libyan waters, according to AP News.

Just four miles from the Zarzis coast, the Tunisian coast guard managed to rescue 45 migrants from the sinking vessel on the 15th February, making the shipwreck the latest migrant crossing disaster of 2024.

Houssam Eddine Jbabli, coast guard spokesman declared that the passengers were not Tunisian citizens and that the boat had likely set sail from Libya.

The shipwreck survivors were taken to a local Tunisian hospital.

Just three days before this tragedy, a fishing boat carrying at least 17 migrants disappeared. The youngest passenger aboard was five-years-old.

On 10th January, a boat of 40 migrants vanished. With no clarification as to the location of their loved ones, the families of the missing passengers created roadblocks and burned tyres hoping to find answers from the National Guard, on the 16th January.

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) have called out President Saied’s government, claiming that Tunisia could have done more to save the lives of those who attempt the aquatic crossing.

The group have also requested an end to the mass expulsions and arbitrary arrests of African migrants that Tunisia’s President advocates for and defends – as he claims that these actions necessary to prevent chaos.

In July 2023, Tunisia was accused of using EU funded financial aid to abandon hundreds of migrants on Libya’s border, instead of using the money to help enhance the country’s economy.

AP News


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