MEP’s allege EU aid to Tunisia went directly to Saied’s pockets  


Members of the European Parliament have alleged that the European Commission misdirected €150 million in aid intended for Tunisia, instead funneling it directly to President Kais Saied.

As reported on the 14th of March by the New Arab, the funds, intended for an EU-backed project, were part of a €150 million migration deal, signed last year between Brussels and Tunis, aiming to intertwine financial stability support with curbing migration flows.

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At a press conference on March 13th, French MEP Mounir Satouri, stated that instead of being invested directly in the project, the money instead went directly to the pockets of the Tunisian President. Danish MEP Karen Melchior joined Satouri in criticizing the EU’s support of undemocratic regimes like Saied’s, adding that parliamentarians had expressed their concerns about the Tunisian deal and were ignored by Commissioners.

Since the signing of the deal, Tunisia’s treatment of migrants has significantly worsened, according to reports, yet the agreement signified a restoration of relations between the EU and Tunisia after a diplomatic conflict last October saw Tunis returning €60 million in EU aid.

The controversy comes amidst plans by the EU which will see the signing of similar agreements with Egypt and potentially other African nations, raising issues about the EU’s commitment to democratic values, human rights, and combating corruption.

The New Arab and agencies


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