Libya aid for Gaza

A ship full of essential aid supplies and donations for Gaza left a Libyan port on the 29th March, according to AFP.

Loaded with 1,600 tonnes of medicine, tents, food, blankets, and winter apparel, the supply-filled boat is set to reach the Al-Arish port in Egypt on the 3rd April.

The campaign to send the essential supplies commenced in late December with the cooperation of the International Campaign to Save Gaza and the International Freedom Flotilla Coalition.

General Coordinator of the Libyan Relief campaign to Support Gaza, Dr Omar Baara declared Libya’s unwavering initiative to provide Gaza with aid due to the country’s religious and humanitarian duty.

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The Coordinator of the International Campaign to Save Gaza, Zaher Birawi revealed the departure of another aid ship coming from Lebanon and disclosed the ship should set sail before the end of Ramadan.

The Associated Press reported that a further three ships carrying 400 tonnes of supplies left a port in Cyprus on the 30th March to provide some relief to those in desperate need in Gaza.

In the spirit of Ramadan, the boats were also packed with dates – which are traditionally eaten to break the daily fast during the holy month. However, it is not clear as to when these supplies will reach Gaza.

As the threat of famine grows over the Gaza Strip humanitarian aid is increasingly called for, entering Gaza by sea, land, and air.

However, the airdrops of aid have led to multiple fatalities, resulting in a death or near-death situation for many civilians, The Guardian reported.

Former strawberry farmer, Yousef Abu Rabee stated that he has given up attempting to reach aid pallets after being shot at by unidentified armed men.

“I have stopped going as it is not worth all this risk,” Mr Abu Rabee said.

Even the aid trucks that enter Gaza do not guarantee relief and safety for those in need as civilians have recently been shot at and run over by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) for attempting to reach the supplies.

AFP/AP/The Guardian


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