Libya: PM’s home hit by missiles


The home and office of the Libyan prime minister’s nephew was attacked in Tripoli, leaving no casualties reports Reuters.

On the 31st of march, two rocket-propelled grenades crashed into the residence of Ibrahim Dbeibah, who serves as an adviser to his uncle, Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah.

The residence is several blocks from a villa that the Prime Minister uses as an office.

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An anonymous resident stated that “two loud explosions, followed by machine gun fire and police sirens” were heard late at night around the time of the reported strikes.

The 166 Brigade, an armed unit responsible for the area’s security, “immediately shut down the street and called in the firefighters.”

Citing an anonymous security source, the Libyan television channel Al-Wasat said that Ibrahim Dbeibah was not home when the grenades hit his office and the roof of his adjacent villa in the Libyan capital’s residential neighborhood of Hay Al-Andalus.

As other parts of the Capital have been plagued with violence, the affluent Hay Al-Andalus neighbourhood, west of downtown Tripoli, has been mostly spared from attacks and fighting.

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Libya is still struggling to recover since a war that broke out after the toppling of dictator Muammar Qaddafi in 2011. Libya has had little piece as fighting over the years has shut down key infrastructure from oilfields to government buildings, airports and major roads.

Currently, Libya is split between Benghazi in the east and Tripoli in the west as rival administrations govern each area.  



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