Algeria urges UN Security Council for action in Gaza

in Gaza

Algeria has urged the UN’s security council (UNSC) to act in Gaza, as Israel’s blockade, bombardment, and invasion approaches its eighth month, according to The New Arab. The North African country’s support for Palestinian liberty, however, casts a damning light on its own limited freedoms.

Algiers requested that the UNSC establish an investigative mission in Gaza to ascertain potential evidence of genocide on May 20th.

Algeria’s envoy to the UN, Nasim Kouaoui, stated: “Regarding the situation in the Middle East, including Palestine, we urge the Security Council to act urgently to stop the genocide crimes in Gaza,” during an open session of the organization’s Security Council requested by Algeria and Slovenia.

Over 1.3 million Palestinians are not sheltering in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost settlement, most of whom have been displaced from other areas of the enclave.

According to a May 20th UN special report, over 810,000 people have had to relocate from Rafah in the past two weeks since Israel launched military operations there.

“The Zionist entity is carrying out a genocide in the Gaza Strip, which could lead to further violations of international law and more mass crimes,” Kouaoui added, “the time for talk is over; it is time for action.”

Since gaining its independence from France in 1962, Algeria has maintained strong ties with Palestine, and unconditional support the Palestinian cause.

In 2022, Algiers hosted mediation talks between rival Palestinian groups, resulting in a reconciliation agreement, ending 15 years of discord between factions.

The North African country has also taken a leading role in advocating for an immediate Gaza ceasefire in recent months, as-well-as permanent UN membership for Palestine in the face of US vetoes.

Washington most recently vetoed recognition of Palestinian statehood on April 18th, which Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian territories, called “unfair, unethical, and unjustified,” according to Reuters.

Algerians remain unable to rally for action in Gaza amid a ban on all protests and demonstrations in the country.

Algerian opposition groups are urging an immediate lift to the ban, to ensure stronger support for Palestine and a unifies stance on freedom for both the Algerian and Palestinian people.

The New Arab / Reuters


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