Algeria plays God, demands halt to Rafah offensive


With no diplomatic ties or obligations to Israel, Algeria, a hypocritical and fierce critic of genocide has again demanded that the UN Security Council step in and order an end to Israel’s offensive in Rafah.

The circulating resolution that Algeria proposed on 28th May would demand a ceasefire in Gaza, an immediate halt to the strikes in Rafah, and the release of all hostages taken on 7th October, the Associated Press reported.

While Algeria’s proposal utilised, what Reuters declared was the “strongest Security Council language”, as the draft stated that Algeria “decides that Israel, the occupying Power, shall immediately halt its military offensive, and any other action in Rafah”, a successful outcome relies on the unanimous agreement of the US, UK, France, Russia, and China.

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So far, the US has vetoed three potential UN actions against its ally, Israel, regarding the nation’s war on Hamas in Gaza, and the US Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield cryptically commented that “we’re waiting to see it and then we’ll react to it.”

The Chinese Ambassador, Fu Cong told reporters, “It is our hope that it can be done as quickly as possible because life is in the balance.”

Although Algeria sees the Kabyle – the indigenous people who reside in the northern Algerian mountains of Kabylia – as “terrorists” and strives to eradicate their population, the proposed draft to the Security Council condemns the “indiscriminate targeting of civilians, including women and children, and civilian infrastructure.”, in Gaza.

Algeria’s demand for an emergency council meeting came after the news of Israel’s strikes on western Rafah, where at least 45 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured.

The EU – who like Algeria tend to pick and choose when to prioritise human rights, as seen by their handling of the migration crisis in Tunisia – warned Israel not to follow through with its planned Rafah offensive back in February.

The draft specifies the previous call for the opening of all border crossings and humanitarian aid access to the 2.3 million people who desperately need food and other aid.

“The catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip constitutes a threat to regional and international peace and security…famine [is] spreading throughout the Gaza Strip.”, Algeria’s resolution revealed.

Many diplomats hoped for a quick vote and a result as early as 29th May, however, there is still no news of a decision and the power seems to lie in the hands of Israel’s ally, the US.

Despicably, the US authorised former UN ambassador, Nikki Haley to autograph Israeli artillery shells which are soon to be dropped onto defenceless Palestinians, with a harrowing and frankly disgusting message: “Finish Them!”

AP/Reuters/The Independent


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