Algerian minister threatens Saudi investor over Moroccan map


Western Sahara, since being recognized by the Trump administration, appears on many maps as part of Morocco, which sometimes leads to tantrums by Algerian figures when they see them. According to a recent report this was the case just recently when one such map appeared in the offices of a Saudi company in Algeria.

According to social media video clips, an Algerian Minister expressed his anger at a Saudi company investing in his country, because of a map hanging inside a press conference room attended by the Minister to announce the company’s new investments in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Algerian activists circulated a video of the Algerian Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ali Aoun, as he asked, in a firm tone, the officials of the Saudi Tabuk Company to change a map hanging inside a conference room he attended to announce new investments in pharmaceuticals in the North African country.

The Algerian Minister objected to the Western Sahara appearing between Algeria and Morocco, as Moroccan territory.

The Minister told the delegation, “You must quickly correct the map. You are here in Algeria, and you know Algeria’s position on the issue of Western Sahara.”

In turn, the Watan news website said that Aoun also asked the Saudi company to review its capacity and the quality of its investment in Algeria, stressing his rejection of the company’s investment project specialised in pharmaceuticals.

According to the site, the Algerian Minister said that his country needs anti-cancer and diabetes medications, calling on the Saudi company to revise its investment plan for Algeria.

The Western Sahara constitutes one of major crises between Algeria and Morocco, as the first recognizes the Polisario Front and the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination, while Morocco stresses its sovereignty over that territory. This sovereignty was a bargaining chip used with Rabat to normalize relations with the Israeli Occupation state, as it agreed to normalisation in return for Washington and Tel Aviv recognizing its sovereignty over Western Sahara although, it’s important to note, that Israel has still yet to formally recognize Morocco’s sovereign claim to the territory.



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