Algeria-EU Expert Workshop Boosts Renewable Energy


The Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines is teaming up with the European Union to organize an expert workshop on the development of the renewable hydrogen sector in Algiers on June 13th. The Ministry of Energy and Mines is leading this initiative as part of the strategic dialogue between Algeria and the EU in the energy field, according to Al 24 News. 

The same press release that announced the event, also specified that the goal of the collaboration is to “initiate the bases of cooperation in the field of hydrogen…” and that we will be able to “…see the participation of European and Algerian experts and representatives of various organizations in the sectors concerned.” The workshop will involve the participation of European and Algerian experts, as well as representatives from relevant organizations. 

The agenda includes three panel sessions focusing on strategies for renewable hydrogen’s role by 2030 and 2050 in Algeria and the EU, regulations and incentives for hydrogen development, and transportation, distribution, and storage infrastructure.

Al 24 News 


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