Algeria’s role in UK boat crossings starting to worry London


Progress made by UK government working closely with Morocco has been offset by Algeria’s growing partnership with Putin and Wagner, a Downing Street insider warns


A former UK government adviser claims that Russian President Putin’s ties with Algeria have actually been responsible for some of the refugee boats arriving on UK shores from France and has confided that the British government was warned that it needed to put pressure on the Algerian regime, Maghrebi has learnt.

According to Downing Street sources, a former advisor who is an expert on North Africa and keeps close contacts with leaders of the Maghreb region, warnings about Algeria being responsible – in part – for the higher numbers of migrants reaching the UK coastline – were made for “months”.

The latest concerns follow Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune making a state visit to Moscow on June 13 in a sign of international solidarity with Putin and the power that Wagner troops have in a number of Sahel countries, still holding, despite what some western media outlets are calling an “attempted coup” on Saturday 24th of June. Algeria recently purchased 12 bn dollars of Russian military hardware – an unprecedented level of arms spending in comparison to its neighbour Morocco which only has an annual defence budget of around 1.5 bn USD. The elite in Algiers have ambitions, following their new wealth arriving from profitable oil sales, of being a soft power in Africa, envious of Morocco’s influence in many African countries.

The control of African immigrants may well be a tool that Algeria uses as a weapon against the west and its enemies, like Morocco, and needs to be given more attention by the present British government.

The former Downing Street adviser pointed to the work being carried out with Morocco – a valued partner for the UK – in dealing with the migrant crisis and the progress being made.

But the ex-adviser noted that much of that work was being compromised by Aleria’s geo-political stance and its caste iron relations with Putin.

The former adviser said: “As the substantial growth of uncontrolled migration in recent years poses common challenges across countries and entire regions, international cooperation and mutual support remains a necessity.

“Morocco’s historical background and geographical location, at the crossroads of Africa and Europe makes it a strategic country when it comes to matters of international migration.

“Morocco’s governance on migration is founded on a humanitarian approach, but it faces challenges from the criminal activities of trafficking networks.

“As such, the Kingdom has strengthened its security strategy to address illegal migration to bring smuggling operations to an end in the area.

“Morocco has committed itself to close cooperation with its European counterparts in attempting to halt these flows into Europe.”

But he added: “Morocco is seeking to work with the UK to establish a proactive approach to migration and collaborate further in this field by forging a stronger alliance combating illegal migration.

“Something that Algeria’s growing friendship with Putin makes more unlikely by the day.”


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