Moroccan star Rhany Kabbadj launches new single

Moroccan star Rhany Kabbadj launches new single

Moroccan singer Rhany Kabbadj was the star of Saturday night at the iconic Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech during his concert before a packed audience as part of the 52nd edition of the National Popular Arts Festival (FNAP), reports Middle East on line.

“I am thrilled and privileged to sing in my hometown where I was born and bred,” said Kabbadj in a press conference prior to the concert.

“This festival is the first I have ever been to and stayed in my memory ever after,” he said.

Kabbadj said the festival means the return to his origins which is the most important thing for him.

The Moroccan star officially launched his new single “Teslem li Yalghali”, a blend of Moroccan folklore and African rhythms, at the Hivernage Hotel in the ochre city.

Kabbadj said the real deal is to sing his new single before the real crowd rather boost it and promote it on social media where the audience is well beyond the borders.

Mohamed Knidri, President of the FNAP, said that Kabbadj’s participation in the festival is part of “our goal to diversify” the event.

“The question we asked ourselves this year is why we don’t go back to the idea of bringing stars to the stage so that people can watch something else besides popular arts,” he said.

“We chose our star Kabbadj who will perform two nights in a row in the most famous squares of Marrakech,” he added.


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