Morocco-Tied Drug Ring Busted by Algeria

Algerian media have reported that security forces in the city of Oran, western Algeria, dismantled an international drug network, in the western part of the country, seizing  about 132 pounds of Indian hemp (Cannabis) that they believed came from Morocco, according to RT Arab on August 10th. .

An Algerian agency, citing the Communication and Public Relations Cell of the Oran Police Department, stated that this operation was carried out by the Search and Intervention Unit.

Also, it claimed that the network is “one of the largest drug trafficking networks from Morocco, operating in the trade of Indian hemp in western Algeria.” Two members of the network were arrested following investigations and monitoring of the activities of the primary suspect.

It added, “Two individuals were arrested after the first person, coming from a border city, was found carrying a shipment of drugs aboard a vehicle to negotiate a drug deal with the second suspect residing in Oran. An approximate  total of 130 pounds of Indian hemp, two vehicles used for drug trafficking and distribution, and four mobile phones were seized.”

According to the same source, “After the investigation concluded, the suspects were brought before justice, which issued a decision to place them in temporary detention. They are charged with the unlawful transportation, shipment, storage, and delivery of drugs, money laundering, dangerous smuggling, and causing harm to health and the national economy.”



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