29 Nigerien Soldiers Killed in Insurgents’ Ambush

29 Nigerien Soldiers Killed in Insurgents’ Ambush

Nigerien soldier at a military check point


More than 29 Nigerien soldiers were killed on October 2 in an ambush set up by insurgents on the border with Mali, the Defense Ministry said.

The attack is considered to be the deadliest since the July coup. The soldiers were ambushed by insurgents, many with links to Islamic Daesh, according to a report from Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Nigerien junta denied accepting Algeria’s offer to mediate its political crisis. This news comes after Algeria announced on October 2, that it had received an official note of acceptance from Niger.

Following military coups in Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, the three Sahel nations are struggling to fight the threat of terrorist groups with links to al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

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