Migrants arrive at the Canary Islands in record numbers


A record 32,000 West African migrants arrived at the Canary Islands in 2023, according to Euronews.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said on November 6 that the exact figure of migrants coming from the region into the archipelago is 31,933 which trumps the figure of 31,678 people from 2006. 

As the Canary Islands is close to Africa, it proves a popular destination for migrants from the continent to reach Europe for a better life. 

It has been reported that most of the 32,000 migrants are from Senegal, 1,600 km away from the Canaries and the migrants usually take approximately a week to get to the destination from the country on makeshift vessels. 

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The lengthy journeys are due to the diversions that the people smugglers take as they fear getting caught due to the higher presence of patrols in the region. 

It is not uncommon that boats sink resulting in numerous casualties. In June of this year, 40 drowned as a vessel heading to the archipelago capsized between Morocco and Spain. 

Just as recently as November 4, 700 migrants on four different boats had to be rescued by emergency services near the shores of the Canaries. 



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