Morocco’s King calls for ceasefire and two-state solution

Morocco’s King calls for ceasefire and two-state solution

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI stated on November 29 that only a two-state solution would resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine, reports The Arab Weekly and agencies. 

The monarch also called for a full ceasefire in Gaza, a territory that has been pummeled by Israeli forces since October 7 resulting in the killing of over 15,000 as well as the displacement of around 1.6 million inhabitants. 

In a message to the chairman of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Sheikh Niang, marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the king called on world powers and the United Nations to ” take a clear, binding decision to impose an immediate, sustainable ceasefire, making sure international law and international humanitarian law are respected”. 

Recently, a truce deal, which saw a two-day extension, meant that numerous Hamas captives were surrendered, over 150 Palestinians locked up in Israeli dungeons were released, and much needed aid was allowed into Gaza. 

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King Mohammed VI added, “The recent escalation is also the result of Israel’s systematic, extremist practices, unilateral measures and repeated provocations in Al-Quds, which undermine efforts to calm the situation and undermine international initiatives designed to end tensions and frustration, and to break the deadly cycle of violence,” . 

The king has previously stated that Morocco would continue having ties with Israel despite the country’s continuing oppression of Palestinians. 

Morocco’s normalisation of ties with Israel is increasingly angering the country’s strong Palestine-supporting population. 

Since October 7, numerous demonstrations in opposition to Israel have taken place in the country. 

At a recent protest in Casablanca, the kingdom’s largest city, furious protesters demanded an end to all ties with Israel as well as continuing to show their solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people. 

Similar protests have also taken place in Rabat, Tangier and Kenitra. 

BNN/The Arab Weekly 


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