Libya: Protesters continue to halt gas and oil supply

Libya: Protesters continue to halt gas and oil supply

Protesters threaten to cut Italy’s gas and oil supply, again over corruption, according to Reuters.

On the 11th January, utilising a 72 hour ultimatum, the Corruption Eradication Movement claimed they would “stop the pumping of gas from the Mellitah complex”, unless Libya’s National Oil Corporation removed chairman, Farhat Bengdara, from the company.

Other demands included additional job opportunities for Tripoli youths and the prevention of environmental pollution.

Bengdara has come under fire for his “violations” that amount to a “level of crime” and ‘ineligibility’ to be NOC chairman due to his dual citizenship with the United Arab Emirates.

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Corruption Eradication Movement spokesman told Reuters “If the authorities do not respond to our demands, the movement may develop into civil disobedience.”

Protesters successfully closed the 3,000,000 bottles per day Sharia oilfield on 7th January, in demand of “better services”, forcing NOC to declare force majeure.

Following the initial closure, it is unclear whether the latest protesters succeeded in closing Libya’s biggest oil refinery.



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