Tunisia: Saied’s critic jailed for 6 months 


A Tunisian Court sentenced  President Saied’s opposition figure, Jawher Ben Mbarek to six months in prison reports Africa News and AFP

On the 24th of February, Mbarek was convicted of “conspiring against state security” and remains behind bars as he awaits proceedings in other cases.

Due to the “arbitrary and unfounded” ground for his arrest, as Mbarek phrased it, he has been on hunger strike along with other figures detained over national security charges since February 2023. 

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His sentencing was confirmed by his sister, Dalila Ben Mbarek and his lawyer, Ayachi Hammami. “Jawhar Ben Mbarek was sentenced without having the option to defend himself,” Hammami told AFP

Hammami continued on Ben Mbarek’s sentencing, stating that Mbarek “was unable, due to the state of his health, to… be present at the hearing” due to his health conditions after 13 days without food.

Mbarek is a fierce opponent and critic of President Kais Saied. He was arrested in 2023 after he criticised the 2022 parliamentary election. 

Elected in October 2019 for a five-year mandate, Saied suspended parliament in July 2021, effectively giving himself absolute powers.

Saied has since grown more authoritarian, jailing activists, opposition figures, businessmen and judges.

Rights groups have repeatedly condemned the proceedings against Tunisian opposition figures and called for their release.

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Following Saied’s power grab, Mbarek founded the ‘Citizens Against the Coup’ movement in 2021. 

As a lawyer himself, he defended his actions necessary to fight corruption and to end the political impasse gripping the North African country then caught in the middle of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

African News and AFP. 


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