Marrakech’s Yves Saint Laurent museum launches new exhibitions


Marrakech’s YSL Museum is currently hosting the ‘CACTUS’ and ‘Les Fleurs d’Yves Saint Laurent’ exhibitions, showcasing cacti’s diversity and floral-inspired haute couture. The exhibitions will run until July 7, 2024, and January 5, 2025, respectively.

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As reported by Africanews the ‘CACTUS’ exhibition features more than 1700 species of cacti, including artworks dyed with the plant, as well as various art pieces from different regions. It explores how cacti have inspired artists across cultures and eras, highlighting both their ecological as well as aesthetic importance. Meanwhile, in the Majorelle Garden, visitors can also explore its extensive collection of the plant, seamlessly blending art with nature.

On the other hand, in “Les Fleurs d’Yves Saint Laurant”, visitors can expect forty garments with floral designs made by Saint Laurant, coupled with insights into the process behind their creation.



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