Putin responds to Macron over Russian influence in Africa

Putin responds to Macron over Russian influence in Africa

Russian President Vladimir Putin, appearing in an interview on the 13th of March, addressed French President Macron’s concerns over Russia’s increasing influence in the African continent.

As reported by AFP, Putin mentioned that there was a sense of resentment expressed by Macron in direct conversations with the Russian President. He also added that the growing relationship between a number of African countries, like Mali and the Central African Republic, with Russia, has sparked an “emotional reaction” from Macron.

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This sense of resentment by the French President can be explained by the significant diminishing of French influence in Africa, with countries, many of which are former French colonies, seeking to pursue partnerships with other global powers such as Russia and China. This challenging of the postcolonial framework of “Françafrique” has peaked in recent years, with coups in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger, rapidly shifting the geopolitical structure of the region.

It was for this reason that Putin suggested that Macron’s response, is perhaps related more to France’s internal issues, than Russian influence, or the presence of Wagner in Africa.



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