Libya investigates discovery of migrant bodies

Libya investigates discovery of migrant bodies

Libyan authorities have launched an investigation after the discovery of 65 migrant body remains in Wadi Al-Jahria, in the southwest of the country.

As reported on the 20th of March by Asharq Al Awsat, the Libyan Criminal Investigation Department (CID), has collected multiple DNA samples to further determine the identities of the victim. The investigation aims to uncover the exact circumstances of the migrants’ deaths, fearing the involvement of human trafficking networks.

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The discovery underscores the perilous journey migrants face when crossing Libya on their way to Europe. Libya is known as one of the key departure points of African migrants, who, in increasing numbers, risk their lives by first crossing the Libyan desert, and then the Mediterranean, where a deflated dinghy costed the lives of 60 migrants on March 16th.

Russia has also been alleged to be utilizing Wagner mercenaries in Libya and other African countries such as Mali and the Central African Republic, in order to fuel migration flows, in a form of hybrid warfare against the US and its European allies.

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According to the CID, who initiated the investigation on March 19th, the remains were reburied under the supervision of authorities, who underlined that the smuggling process through the desert was the most likely cause of death.

Asharq Al Awsat/ Agencies


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