Algeria: Leading parties endorse Tebboune for re-election

Algeria: Leading parties endorse Tebboune for re-election

With Algeria’s September elections looming ever closer, it is still unclear whether the current president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, will run for re-election. In light of rising domestic instability, however, Algeria’s major political players are moving to back the status quo.

Despite the uncertainty, a contest has erupted between Algeria’s two most prominent pro-regime political parties, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated National Construction Movement and the National Liberation Front (FLN),  according to The New Arab and agencies on June 18th.

The FLN recently endorsed Tebboune as its candidate for the country’s upcoming presidential elections after the Islamists initially invited him to run for a second term.

Tebboune signed a decree summoning voters to take part in the presidential ballot a week ago but has not yet announced any intention to run for re-election.

As reported by Reuters, the president, 78, announced the September 7th elections on March 21st, stoking rumours as to his poor health and possible retirement from public life.

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“On behalf of all of you, and in consideration of the achievements on more than one level, we are nominating the president for a second term in office,” said FLN Secretary General Abdelkrim Benmbarek during a central committee meeting.

The FLN leader added that the party “is the leading political force” in Algeria, and that this decision “is our legitimate and rightful choice.”

Since being elected FLN leader, Benmbarek has worked to restore the party’s historic ties and any doubts as to its loyalty to Tebboune, which have lingered since the FLN endorsed Ezzedine Mihoubi presidential candidacy in 2019.

Algeria’s electoral committee has seen 15 candidates, including three women, apply to run for the presidency since applications opened.

Most of the candidates are little-known leaders of small parties, with no prominent figures yet in the race.

The Arab Weekly / Reuters / Agencies


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