Morocco assists Israel navy boat in Tangiers

Morocco assists Israel navy boat in Tangiers

It seems that despite Israel’s genocide in Gaza, where well over 30,000 civilians have been slaughtered, that Morocco-Israel relations are still very much on good terms, with Rabat to support Israel even with its military endeavours – even with hundreds of thousands of Moroccans who oppose the country’s proximity to Israel.

According to the Moroccan website the Israeli website “Globes” revealed that a landing ship belonging to the Israeli navy stopped at the port of Tangier to get supplies and fuel, while sailing between the United States and Israel, before ending up in the port of Haifa.

Given that Morocco had suspended diplomatic relations with Israel at the beginning of the war and was expected to cut tie further after an ICJ ruling against Israel, supporting Israel’s military in its work might be considered odd by some, if not at odds with statements by Rabat.

The new Israeli navy landing ship, INS Komemiyut, which arrived in Israel from the United States, stopped at the port of Tangier after contacting Moroccan authorities to allow it to receive supplies, according to information received from informed sources and the Vessel Finder website.

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The Israeli ship was sailing on the long route from the port of Pascajola in Mississippi, United States, heading to the naval base in Haifa, when its crew needed to stock up on fuel and food for the rest of the voyage to Israel, which arrived June 16th, and is ready to intervene in the Israeli war against the Palestinians.

According to the same website, the Israeli ship disabled its transceiver so as to not reveal its position while it was in the Mediterranean port of Tangier.

The same site revealed that Spain refused to receive Israeli ships loaded with weapons in its ports, and the site quoted that the Spanish Minister of Transport Oscar Fuente, announced about a month ago, that the cargo ship “Marianne Danica”, which flies the Danish flag, which asked to dock in the Spanish port of Cartagena, was rejected because it, according to the newspaper “El Pais” Spanish, was carrying 27 tons of explosives were heading to Israel.



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