Momentum grows for a Libyan return to monarchy


Amidst ongoing political gridlock, the conversation of a Libyan return to monarchy gains momentum, according to Al Arab.

Since 2016, there have been significant calls for the reinstatement of the Libyan monarchy, primarily spearheaded by the “Movement of Return to Constitutional Legitimacy. “Not only did they advocate for the return of the monarchy but they also staged several demonstrations across the country with the hopes of inspiring the Libyan people to support their cause. 

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Today, due to the prevailing gridlock occurring when preparing the election law, some, like political analyst Mahmoud Shammam believe, “The option of a constitutional monarchy enters, for the first time, the circle of serious discussions in the circles of Western countries…”

Libyan Crown Prince Muhammad al-Hassan al-Ridha al-Mahdi al-Senussi, aware of this potential shift, has voiced his opinions that he “supports the elections, because they indicate the country’s recovery, but holding them without constitutional controls will lead to results that are not in favor of the Libyans, and will be a waste of time….elections were held twice in Libya and the result was chaos.”

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In order to further promote the return to a monarchy system, Al -Senussi has prompted Libyans to converse about a monarchical future as he states “We want to agree on it and we do not want to impose it by force, and this is what We are working on it with the international community, and there is a kind of acceptance of the idea, but we do not want to be a source of problems for any party.”

Advocates of the Libyan return to monarchy argue that Prince Hassan Al-Ridha Al-Senussi could serve as a unifying figure due to his lack of involvement in recent political turmoil. They believe his legitimacy as a ruler would help ease tensions and prevent further division, thus promoting a more stable and unified Libya.

Al Arab


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