Activist Al-Alami Under Surveillance

Activist Al-Alami Under Surveillance

Saida Al-Alami’s sister (above) has confirmed the presence of a camera inside her imprisoned sister’s cell, indicating surveillance, according to Lakome 2.

Her claims were rebuffed however, naturally, by the General Delegation for Prisons and Reintegration Administration, which released a statement stating that “there is no camera in Al-Alami’s cell, nor in any other cell in the institution.” In response to this claim, Laila Al-Alami, Saida Al-Alami’s sister, assured the public that this information was false.

Laila reportedly spoke to her sister and confirmed the presence of a camera in Saida’s cell. Additionally, Saida wanted the public to know that Laila has been harassed by some female employees and inmates, which she claims were sent to her by prison officials.

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Currently, Saida Al-Alami is considered one of the most prominent defenders of prisoners of conscience, journalists, and political detainees in Morocco. Al-Alami is currently serving a three-year jail term, and was recently handed an additional two-year prison sentence in a separate case. Al Alami, was sentenced in September when she was found guilty for “insulting” government bodies, public officials, and “spreading false allegations”.

The sentacing came after she was arrested on 23 March for “insulting public officials” which drew the wrath of rights groups in Europe.

“The Moroccan authorities are harassing and intimidating activists through unfounded criminal investigations and bogus charges in a shameless bid to silence critical voices and clamp down on peaceful activism,” said Amna Guellali, Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International.

El-Alami is facing charges over social media posts where she spoke of the harassment she has faced from police and the continued repression of journalists and activists.

The activist had used her Facebook page to address social and political issues in Morocco.

Lakome2/New Arab/Maghrebi



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