Algeria emphasises its strong support for Palestine

Algeria emphasises its strong support for Palestine

Algeria stands in complete solidarity with Palestinians following the escalation of tensions between Hamas and Israel, reports Africa News. 

The country’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf called on the international community to stand with Palestine on October 17 as the situation in the region worsens. 

Algerian capital, Algiers hosted the 20th session of the African-Nordic Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. 

Thirty countries are taking part in the two-day session (from October 16 to 18) including the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden as well as a significant number of African countries representing the different regions of the continent. 

During the meeting, Attaf, 70, noted that “Our brothers in the Gaza Strip are living in deplorable humanitarian conditions.” 

The blockaded Palestinian territory, home to just over 2 million people, has been pummeled by Israeli forces before and after Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel earlier this month which killed around 1,400 people. 

The enclave was dubbed as “the biggest open-air prison in the world” by the Palestinian Ambassador the United Kingdom, Husam Zomlot. 

Attaf added that Algeria “calls on the international community to take urgent action to come to the aid of the oppressed and persecuted, to put an end to this aggression and to relaunch the peace process.” 

Israel’s repeated brutality attracted protests in fellow Maghreb countries, Libya and Tunisia, especially following the country’s deadly bombings on a hospital in Gaza. 

On October 17, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the French embassy in Tunisia after the hospital attack which killed 500. 

Tunisian protesters were also angry at the United States’ stance on the conflict. The Biden administration claimed that Israel has a right to defend itself. 

The outrage echoed all over the North African region. On the same day hundreds took to the streets of Libya, in the capital, Tripoli as well as Misrata. 

The furious crowd waved Palestinian flags and chanted, “We give our blood and our souls for Gaza,”. 

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) denied that they were responsible for the killings at the Gaza-based hospital and blamed it on a misfired militant rocket. 

Africa News

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