Morocco’s Islamic party calls for a total boycott of Israel

Morocco’s Islamic party calls for a total boycott of Israel

Morocco’s Justice and Development Party (PJD) strongly condemned the Israeli forces’ pummeling of Gaza as well as calling on the government to completely cut ties with Israel, reports government sponsored news website Morocco World News. 

The opposition right-wing party advocates for political Islam as well as Moroccan nationalism and ruled the country for a decade from 2011 to 2021. 

PJD demanded a total boycott of Israel which included the expulsion of all Israeli diplomats from the kingdom as well as the shutting down of the Israeli liaison office in capital Rabat. 

The party emphasised their demands during a meeting with the General Secretariat on November 11. After the meeting, the party released a statement noting that the government should cease “all communication, contact, and normalisation with the oppressive Zionist entity.”

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The party are seen by some as being Hamas apologists. On November 11 the PJD’s Secretary-General Abdelilah Benkirane held a phone call with the Palestinian militants’ Political Bureau head Ismael Haniyeh. 

PJD were supportive of the Hamas assault on Israel on October 7 claiming it was a, “natural and just response to the Zionist occupation’s policy of killing and arresting Palestinians in dozens, evicting them from their homes and destroying them”. 

A strong Palestine-supporting population, thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators descended on the streets of Rabat last month as Israel have been ruthless in what has been weeks of bloodshed in the under-siege Gaza. 

The sea of red, green and black shouted “Palestine is resisting” as well as multiple anti-Israeli chants. 

Since the beginning of October, around 11,400 people have been slaughtered in Gaza as the globe calls for a ceasefire. 

Morocco World News  


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