Palestinian singer faces full force of the law in Israel

Palestinian singer faces full force of the law in Israel

Israeli forces arrested Nazareth-based Palestinian singer Dalal Abu Amneh over social media posts in which she expressed her solidarity for the people of Gaza, according to Middle East Eye. 

Amneh,40, was arrested on the evening of November 13 at her home for what is alleged to be “incitement” in what is perceived to be a gagging of Palestinian voices speaking out against Israeli war crimes. 

Following her detention, the artist’s lawyers noted that the police had questioned her but no decision had been made yet regarding the extension of her arrest. 

Amneh, who has a sizeable following of 300,000 on Instagram, shared links to charities working in Gaza in her two previous posts before making her account private. 

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She is known for her patriotic songs as well as her opposition to Netanyahu’s government. 

Gaza has been pummeled by Israeli forces since October 7 and it has resulted in over 11,000 deaths, many of whom were children.  

The singer has in the past filed complaints on Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in multiple territories. 

Regarding the numerous arrests of Palestinians in Israel who stand in solidarity with the Gaza residents, Adalah, an organisation that advocates for Arab minority rights in Israel, released a statement noting, “We are receiving reports of unlawful arrests, often carried out with brutal force in the middle of the night, and without proper legal justification, and solely on the basis of social media posts in the majority of cases, some just for expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, or even for sharing verses from the Quran.” . 

Although most of the attention is on Gaza for the shockingly high death toll, Palestinians have recently been the victims of barbaric attacks in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Since November 11 it has been reported that in those territories, 58 have been killed and over 1,000 have been injured by Israeli forces. 

Middle East Eye 


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