Morocco PM wants to make jobs priority

Morocco PM wants to make jobs priority

As unemployment hits an all-time low, Morocco’s Prime Minister promises to prioritise jobs, according to Middle East Online and agencies.

A speech read on the behalf of Prime Minister, Aziz Akhannouch that the government aim to make employment “a national priority” and strive to make “employment-creating investments and develop the national employment strategy,” on the 19th February.

“All Moroccans, in urban and rural areas,” were promised “decent work opportunities,” during the opening of the 8th International Forum on Social Justice.

Although the speech stressed the government’s successes in completing all undertake social projects and defying the “difficult circumstances,” Morocco’s unemployment rate is predicted to be 11.7% in 2024.

2023’s unemployment rate had risen to a startling 13% from 2022s 11.8%.

Morocco’s lack of jobs seems to be coupled with the country’s lack of water as the on going drought crisis has resulted in the loss of 202,000 agricultural occupations.

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Jobs in agriculture are not renowned for obtaining wealth, especially the career of a tomato harvester who can earn as little as $1.50 per hour.

Despite the 0.5% dip in Morocco’s annual inflation, the agricultural minister warned in January 2024 that the country’s autumn crops were already at a “critical condition,” which may drive inflation further than before.

At the beginning of 2024, Morocco planned to import 2.5 million metric tons of wheat to avoid food shortages due to mass crop failure.



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