Morocco’s ambitious plans for Africa laid out by FM

Morocco’s ambitious plans for Africa laid out by FM

Morocco’s FM follows the ambitious plans for “new Africa” with compliments to the Cote d’Ivoire, according to The Arab Weekly and agencies.

During the 37th African Union (AU) summit, held on 15th-18th February, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita reiterated Morocco’s commitments in creating a peaceful, prosperous, and stable “vision of Africa.”

Agenda 2063 – a blueprint plan to transform Africa into a “global powerhouse of the future” – was a prominent discussion topic of the AU summit that occurred last weekend. The “Africa We Want” plan relies on the efforts and collaboration of each African country involved to ensure the plan’s success.

Morocco’s optimistic plans involve the development of a “resource-mobilisation strategy,” and the creation of a “Development Fund”, in addition to the “strengthening of continental structures dedicated to young people”, and the desire to “establish regular monitoring mechanisms” that would supposedly allow the rapid identification of delays and obstacles.

However, Bourita stressed that “a strong involvement of the Regional Economic Communities in the development process” is essential in Agenda 2063s success.

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Alassane Ouattara, president of the Republic of Ivory Coast, was commended by Morocco for his “tireless efforts” in achieving the strategic objectives of the AU’s Agenda 2063. Morocco and the Ivory Coast claim to have a “brotherly alliance”, as shown by their 60 years of “mutual respect and shared consideration” in their economic and political partnership.

President Ouattara, despite dissolving government in October 2023 during his third and unconstitutional term as president, has managed to retain respect and high regards from many Western countries and aid organisations.

One of Morocco’s notable efforts towards achieving African prosperity and developing Pan-African leadership is the Atlantic initiative. 

Proposed by Morocco’s King, Mohamed VI, the initiative would allow landlocked countries in the Sahel access to Atlantic Ocean via Morocco.

King Mohamed has proved to be a valuable asset to Morocco’s image and intercontinental relations. Since he took the throne in 1999, the King has made over 46 visits to 25 African countries, launched multiple strategic projects, and has signed countless agreements to enhance Morocco-Africa relations.



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