US vetoes Algeria’s resolution for Gaza ceasefire

US vetoes Algeria’s resolution for Gaza ceasefire

The US has vetoed Algeria’s call for a Gaza ceasefire in fear of jeopardising a hostage negotiation deal, according to Reuters.

The US voted against an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, and instead pushed for a temporary ceasefire that would connected to the release of the Hamas held hostages, in the UN Security Council meeting, held on 20th February.

Of the 15-member council, 13 voted in support whilst the UK abstained, and the US voted against. This is the third time the US has vetoed the draft resolution since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.

US Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield warned on 17th February that the US would veto the ceasefire draft as a unanimous decision could compromise the negotiations between the US, Qatar, Egypt, and Israel regarding the release of hostages in the Gaza strip.

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Arab News reported that representative Thomas-Greenfield declared that Washington “does not support action on this draft resolution,” and therefore a ceasefire “will not be adopted.”

Although the majority vote was in favour of the humanitarian ceasefire, in the case of a UNSC resolution, if a draft is to be adopted all of the five permanent members – France, China, Russia, UK, and the US – have to be in favour.

Algeria submitted their initial draft to the UN Security Council on 31st January, rejecting the “forced displacement of [Palestine’s] civilian population,” taking after Morocco’s cautious stance on the conflict.

In late November, Morocco’s King, Mohamed VI declared that the Israel-Hamas conflict could only be resolved by a two-state solution, as well as demanding a full ceasefire in Gaza.

However, Morocco continues to stand by its normalisation ties with Israel, as the country would rather reap the benefits of being a friend of Israel – such as the US recognised Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara – over assuming an official pro-Palestinian stance.

Reuters/Arab News.


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