Algerian Moroccan creates cult, prophesies end of world

Algerian Moroccan creates cult, prophesies end of world

In a world increasingly awash with disinformation and crackpot theories, an eccentric individual recently claimed to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad as well as being the sole creator of a sect which “predicts the end of the world” much to the concern of the Malaysian government, Yabiladi reported on February 28. 

Algerian man Mohamed Amin Ouradj, nicknamed “Mawla Amin” and reportedly aged 40, has been at the top of the Malaysian news agenda for a while now for creating a religious sect. It is believed that his warped and radical beliefs have gained a healthy following. 

The Malaysian government were quick to debunk Ouradj’s (or Mawla Amin?) claim that he is any way related to the Prophet Muhammad and confirmed that he was an Algerian national and not Moroccan (another one of his delusions). 

Malaysia’s Minister of Religious Affairs Muhammad Naeem Bin Mukhtar strongly condemned the individual and stressed that any form of extremism and fanaticism had no place in society as well as being harmful to national security. 

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Earlier in February, Bin Mukhtar said in a statement, “The Prime Minister’s Department of Religious Affairs, through the Ministry of Islamic Development of Malaysia, will cooperate closely with the religious authorities, especially the state’s Islamic religious departments and the police, to investigate these revelations.” 

Morocco’s Foreign Ministry echoed Malaysian officials as they noted that the cultist was not a fellow citizen however, he married a Moroccan national in 2014. The ministry also clarified that he is not related to the founder of Islam, much to his chagrin one would think. 

Islamic centres in the North African country have warned the faithful not to be deceived by any individual who boasts about being a descendant of the Prophet. 

Recent census data found that Sunni Islam is largely dominant in Malaysia (65%) followed by Buddhism and Christianity respectively. 



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