Morocco Sends 40 Tons of Food Aid to Gaza and Jerusalem

Morocco Sends 40 Tons of Food Aid to Gaza and Jerusalem

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has initiated a humanitarian operation, which will deploy over 40 tons of food aid to Palestinians in Gaza and Jerusalem, as reported by Middle East Online plus agencies on March 12th.

The operation, which was confirmed by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, coincides with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, and aims to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians, amid reports by the WHO of ‘extreme’ malnutrition, particularly in the north of Gaza.

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The aid will include more than 40 tons of essential foodstuffs, and the majority of the funds used will be coming from King Mohammed VI’s personal finances. This effort will be unprecedented in utilizing a land route in order to deliver the support right to those who need it most.

The King, who serves as the chair of the Al Quds Committee, one of the four main committees of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, instructed the Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency to distribute more than 2000 food baskets to families, as well as at least 1000 meals per day in the Holy City of Jerusalem. In order for the aid distribution to be successful, instructions were also given to establish an emergency coordination room inside the Jerusalem Hospital.

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Despite Morocco’s efforts to normalize relations with Israel, which have backtracked significantly from the beginning of its war in Gaza, this decision by King Mohammed VI highlighted once more his continued support for the Palestinian people.

Middle East Online/Reuters



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