Algeria boosts subsidies to prevent Ramadan shortages

Algeria boosts subsidies to prevent Ramadan shortages

The government of Algeria has announced that it will take measures in order to prevent fuel and food shortages during the month of Ramadan. As reported by ABC News on March 28th, the decision took place amidst the risk of price hikes due to increased demand, a common phenomenon during this period.

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The measures include the opening of new markets for subsidized goods, a planned increase in the imports of both food and fuel, as well as restrictions on food exports in an effort to ensure sufficient domestic supplies.

The proposed measures follow the controversy surrounding the president’s decision to import a massive amounts of meat during Ramadan. This decision was met with criticism and the eventual annulment of Algeria’s produce importation policy. This new approach by the Algerian government signifies a shift from its previous policy of limiting imports in a protectionist attempt to support both local producers and consumers.

In the meantime, in the capital Algiers, consumers have noticed price reductions of almost 20% at special subsidized markets. During the first week of Ramadan, prices of items like red meat had shown fluctuations, but nonetheless stabilized in the weeks after. Nevertheless, the prices of fruits and vegetables surged in the second week of the holy month, raising public concerns.

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Despite this new policy of increased imports, citizens living in mountainous regions have reported difficulties in accessing particular products, expressing their dissatisfaction with the government on social media platforms.

The government’s decision comes amidst similar issues in neighboring Tunisia, where the on-going economic crisis has resulted in increased inflation and food shortages.

ABC News


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