Targeted illegal migration route to EU drops by 50%

Targeted illegal migration route to EU drops by 50%

West African countries are in line for more EU cash as current programs to curtail illigal migration appear to be paying dividends, with Morocco coming out as a key player


Since the beginning of 2023, Morocco’s efforts have reduced illegal migration to the EU by 50%, which has led more funds have the potential to be funneled to Western Africa in order to further dissuade smuggling and illegal migration, according to The European Commission. 

At a press briefing on June 6th for a new EU action plan meant to manage migration routes in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, The European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, thanked Moroccan authorities for their “very constructive commitment” to illegal migration, according to Middle East Online. 

Johansson stated, “We want to support Morocco’s efforts to combat human trafficking…Morocco is a very important partner for us in managing migration together.” She also stressed that the EU and Morocco “maintain a solid and reliable partnership on migration.”

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Johansson went on to identify that via the collaboration between the EU and Morocco, there occurred a 50% drop in illegal arrivals via the specific route targeted (Atlantic coastine of West Africa), according to Atalayar. 

Because the efforts have been so successful, the EU is creating a new action plan, as the EU executive body suggests “to scale up financial support for key countries for voluntary returns,” according to AA.  Some of these funds would be directed to border management, which would aim to strengthen countries like Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia to improve strategies to prevent illegal migration, according to Atalayar. Additionally, it will seek to consolidate activities in African countries and along the entire route to Europe against the mafias that deal in people. 

Johansson expressed hope that the EU interior ministers will endorse the action plan later this week at their meeting in Luxembourg and negotiations on the final act will start soon with the European Parliament, according to AA. 

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