UN to carry out investigation into Burkina Faso killings


On November 15, the United Nations sounded the alarm bells at mass killings in a town in Burkina Faso, according to AFP. 

The world body called for an independent investigation into the hostilities in the crisis-stricken West-African country as around 70 people were slaughtered and over 100 were seriously injured in the central-north town of Zaongo, many of whom were elderly people and children. 

The UN rights office stated that they were planning to carry out an investigation, “following the alarming reports of mass killings”. 

A spokeswoman for the office, Liz Throssell noted that, “We call on the transitional authorities to carry out promptly a thorough, independent, and transparent investigation into these serious reports,” . 

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Burkina Faso is overseeing unparalleled turmoil, currently being ruled by a transitional government since a coup d’etat in 2022.  

Neighbouring Mali and Niger have also seen their countries being taken over as a result of military coups and the Sahel region as a whole has been awashed with Islamist insurgencies with ties to prominent terrorist organisations for over a decade. 

It has been reported that during the recent attacks, numerous homes were burnt to the ground which has resulted in many residents fleeing the town. 

International NGO Save The Children also urged for an immediate probe into the brutal scenes. 

The humanitarian group’s chief Benoit Delsarte noted, “This incident is a grave reminder that children bear the brunt of conflict and insecurity in Burkina Faso,” . 



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